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    Rank/Rate these first names!

    Though DH thinks I'm nuts for thinking about a second daughter's name when we don't even have the first yet, I convinced him to play along, and we managed to narrow the list down to these top ten that we (mostly) agree on. He's still not crazy about Zoe, although he didn't outright veto it this time (progress!), and I'm not really in love with Grace (though I do like it well enough and could maybe see it growing on me), but the others we both like and could see using.

    The middle name will be Theophania, the surname is one syllable (Grace sounds fine with it, BTW), and we're not bothered by popularity. Brother's name is William Balthazar, and her sister's name will be Catherine Ophelia.


    Feel free to either rank these names for favorite to least favorite or rate them on a 1-10 scale. Or just comment if you want. Thanks!
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    Lucy and Penelope are the only names I like from this list.
    My least favorites are: Zoe, Isabel, and Felicity.
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    Theophania is simply divine as a first name I think! I see your theme of an unusual middle, however it is too good a name not to be in the prime spot.
    Mn ideas are
    Theophania Nora
    Theophania Merle (favourite!)
    Theophania Lux
    Theophania Easter
    Theophania Mable
    Theophania Mariel

    Emily- Cute name
    Felicity- Love how this is slightly out there but too long with the middle name
    Gabrielle- See above
    Grace- This would work
    Isabel- Despite my comments on the length this is my favourite combination with Theophania in the middle!
    Mary- Classic, biblical and my friend's name so I'm biased!
    Lucy- Don't like this as it is nms
    Penelope- Love this also but too long IMO
    Vivien- This name is so cute! Love the Vivienne spelling also.
    Zoe- Not keen on this at all.

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    Emily -- it's okay. There are a ton of Emilys out there and that's made me somewhat immune to the name. Have you considered the similar but less common and more elegant (in my opinion) Emilia?

    Felicity -- don't like it. Sorry.

    Gabrielle -- I should like it since it's similar to my name, but it's only okay to me. I'd only use it with the nickname Elle.

    Grace -- I like this in the middle name spot.

    Isabel -- Don't like it. I've never liked the name and the recent trendiness of it just turned me off more, regardless of how it's spelled.

    Lucy -- Love this! My favorite name on your list. I especially like it short for Lucia.

    Mary -- I feel like this name needs a partner. If Mary Kate, Mary Katherine, Mary Elizabeth, Mary Frances, et al make it more substantial to me.

    Penelope -- I really don't like this name at all, sorry.

    Vivien -- I like this, but spelled Vivienne. The Vivien spelling doesn't look pretty to me.

    Zoe -- I like this and would rate it second after Lucy.

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    1. Grace Theophania - This sounds wonderful. And Grace fits well with William "Liam" and Catherine.
    2. Felicity Theophania - Love the combo, it is stunning and the name Felicity is just so happy sounding to me
    3. Isabel Theophania
    4. Gabrielle Theophania - Beautiful! Plus Gabby, Elle, and Bri are really cute nn!
    5. Vivien Theophania
    6. Lucy Theophania
    7. Mary Theophania
    8. Emily Theophania
    9. Penelope Theophania - While I absolutely love the name Penelope I just do not like it with this middle name
    10. Zoe Theophania - Zoe is a cool name, just don't particularly love it with Theophania and Zoe just doesn't seem to "fit" as well with William and Catherine.

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