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    I think Amy is an American Classic, it always makes me think of Apple Pie and Ice Cream, poodle-skirts and those little triangular flag banners.
    You crushing on it seems very natural to me... though I'm currently going through a "Rosie the Riveter" fashion phase.
    Personally I prefer names with a bit more length, especially as FN so I'd be more prone to Amelia nn Amy/Aimee.
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    I love the name Amy! Sure, it was really popular around the 1970s, but I think it's classic enough to work on a modern girl. There was a baby named Amy on a recent TV show and I thought it was a sweet and slightly unexpected choice for her name.

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    I don't really like the name, but I have a bad association with a nasty neighborhood girl from my childhood. I do think it's a bit outdated, but the meaning is sweet. I just think it sounds a bit whiny, but that's JMO.
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    I absolutely loved this name growing up!
    It was a decade before my time in terms of being on top... but I loved it.
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    I like it. I think of Little Women, which keeps it from being Strictly Seventies for me. I

    I dislike Aimee, though I have a cousin named that.

    I like names that are short but complete. Amy keeps good company with Jane, Claire, Blythe, Ivy, Rose... names that are short but not nickname-ish. I'm always surprised that with the popularity of Ava and up-tick of Ivy, Amy gets no love. It feels less commonly-heard-on-children to me than Zoe (I like Zoe, I'm just saying...) and as sweet as Molly or Mae.

    It's not really stylish or anything though.

    I do know one person who wants to have an Amarantha, Amy for short. I thought that was not exactly my style, but striking.

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