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    Naming children after other children

    My brother is named after a child my mum used to look after named Isaac and if I were a boy it would be my name too. Mum described him as having large brown eyes brown hair my brother has white blonde hair and blue eyes. My friend and I discussed how awkward it would be if we met this boy (who would be around 19 now) and said that if I were a boy I would be named after you. I have also started liking the name Lincoln because of a cute little boy with lovely blue eyes and white blonde hair. Another thing I have started loving Archer "Archie" but my mum who does family day care has a little Archer who I haven't met but having a mum who works with kids isn't always a good thing.

    Would you ever name a child after another child or take inspiration from another child's name e.g seeing a cute Lily and loving the name and then using Lilliana nn Lily.

    Sorry I accidentally posted this in the boys name forum.

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    I think its fine.

    I used to watch a little girl named Clara and she was the sweetest little baby you could ever imagine. i wouldn't deliberately use the name to honor her, but i do like the name Clara, and because she was so sweet its a good association for me.

    My sister's neighbors came up to her one day last year and asked if she'd be offended if they used her daughter's name for their next daughter. It had the same flow as their other girl names and they had a positive association with my niece. My sister actually didn't want them to use it because she likes that my niece's name is a well-known but rarely heard one, but she was flattered at the same time that they liked it enough to use it. She said she was fine with them using it, though, beside she knows how it is when the right name just clicks and that she doesn't own the name. They ended up naming their daughter something completely different, so it all worked out.
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    I used to babysit for a little boy named Patrick. I didn't name my son after him but my husband suggested it since it's a family name on his side. However I do think my immediate feeling that it was THE name from the moment he suggested it was because of the little boy I used to watch.
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    I used to babysit a little boy too named Benedict and i was thinking of using it for my future son. He is a lovely, happy and calm baby with blond hair and blue eyes. I don't know if i would be naming after him or just using the name if we were to use it. I just love the name Benedict now
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