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  • i associate philo with pastry dough, and dislike the name

    51 46.79%
  • i associate philo with pastry dough, but i like the name

    10 9.17%
  • i don't associate philo with pastry dough, but i dislike the name

    32 29.36%
  • i don't associate philo with pastry dough and i like the name

    16 14.68%
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    really want feedback on this

    I adore the name Philo lately. Its pronounced Fy-low, as in rhyming with Milo. The more i hear it, the more i love it. And I've always connected it to Philo Farnsworth, the inventor, who i sort of fangirl over (for lack of a better term).

    I keep getting comments on my other threads and about half the people are saying its too much like Phyllo, a pastry dough (which is actually pronounced Fee-low, according to everything I've found online, including several youtube recipe videos), and I've actually never heard of this Phyllo stuff, but a) I'm not really a baker, at least not pastry-type things, and b) i don't have cable so i rarely see commercials and c) i haven't seen it in stores. So I'm wondering how big of a deal it really is.

    So I guess my question is how much dies that actually matter? I'm including a poll so hopefully that works
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    My ex-boyfriend was Greek Orthodox, and his family used Phyllo almost all of the time. I ate it on every Greek holiday for 4 years, and have used it myself ever since (particularly with my chicken pot pies). I live in the southeast US, and I've found Phyllo in every grocery store I've ever been in.

    Phyllo is pronounced fee-low (according to my Greek ex-boyfriend), but when I look at Philo, it's my instinct to pronounce it that way too (because of philosophy). So even if I tell my brain that Philo is pronounced fy-low, I still read it as fee-low every time. For that reason I associate it with the dough.

    Even if I didn't associate it with the dough, I still wouldn't like the look or sound. Another thing you might have to worry about is people seeing the name "Phil" in there and assuming it is pronounced "Phil-o".

    What actually matters is if you like it, which it sounds like you do. I wouldn't get too hung up on what other people associate it with (considering it's such a harmless association).
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    I actually pronounce as phyllo fy-low, though I def believe now that this is wrong. It is the common pronounciation where I live, which might be why ppl on threads are making that connection.

    However. Phyllo dough is delicious. I would not mind being associated with it briefly when people first see my name written down.

    Fangirling over an inventor trumps any other implications.
    It's a cool looking and sounding name.

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    Well, you already know my thoughts. I love Philo, but it's a special name in my family, so it's hard for me to not love it. My ancestor loved the person baring this name so much he named an entire town Philo. I think a lot of people might not be familiar with this as a name, but it's a simple matter of saying, "Like Milo," and they'll be fine with it. I think it's a wonderful, vintage-y name.
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    When I hear Philo I think Filipino (Filo)
    Although it more comes from seeing the name spelled then when I say it out loud, maybe another think to keep in mind as well as the pastry.

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