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  • i associate philo with pastry dough, and dislike the name

    51 46.79%
  • i associate philo with pastry dough, but i like the name

    10 9.17%
  • i don't associate philo with pastry dough, but i dislike the name

    32 29.36%
  • i don't associate philo with pastry dough and i like the name

    16 14.68%
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    I don't understand why associating it with phyllo dough is a bad thing. It's yummy! Olive, Clementine, Sage, Basil, Angelica, Saffron, Rosemary, Ginger, Huckleberry, Brie, Colby, Yarrow, Maple, Godiva, Bran, Honey, and on and on all make me think of an edible item, but that's not a bad thing. What's the difference? In this case, it's not even a name inspired by a food, it's a legitimate name that some people associate with a food because they pronounce the food incorrectly. What the heck? How does that make you dislike it? If you dislike the name itself because you don't like 'Ph' names (Phineas, Phoebe, Phoenix, Philip) or names that end in 'ilo' (Milo is the only one I can think of off the top of my head) then okay, you don't like it. But what do you have against phyllo dough? Do you hate gluten?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nat108 View Post
    Well I'm American and the only pronunciation I've ever heard is fee-low
    Like my post said... it is a pronunciation not the pronunciation.
    Different places have different pronunciations... but I think the dictionary is definitely a more reliable source than say a youtube video? Because I mean anyone can make a youtube video
    Aside from that... It really goes into Potato ie poh-tay-toe vs poh-tah-toe territory... Who am I to tell you you are pronouncing it wrong, just like who are you to tell me I am pronouncing it wrong. People pronounce things differently, there really is no wrong or right in this as pronunciation and accents are relative to the environment someone lives in.

    I live in America as well and the ONLY and i will repeat ONLY pronunciation I've ever heard is fy-low
    (it's not just me see @lemonthistle's post and @vaness1's post)

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    In all honesty Amelia... if you like the name go ahead and use it.
    Having an association to something as heavenly as Baklava or amazing as the dough is not a bad association at all. (no sarcasm Im being very serious)

    Honestly I won't think anything of a little Philo if I got to know him as I judge people based on personality and NOT on name.
    I wouldn't judge you or anything.
    I just like to point out these things as I personally think it is better to get the associations out of the way now, rather than later

    If you love it that much use it

    I didn't mean anything by it, I just wanted to point it out now so you can get comfortable with it, before you get surprised after you name him.

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    While I personally dislike the name, I don't think Philo would affect my attitude of the child or the parents, at least not just though the child's name alone. A lot of the names I really like also hold some personal and positive association with me, so meeting somebody with a lovely personality will defiantly mean the name will grow on me.

    I think my issue is I have never heard it as a name before, when I look at the name it looks like you added a O to the end of the name Phil, and how is the name pronounced may I ask? I am pronouncing it Fil-o, but I am English so that may not be an issue for you, at least no an everyday occurrence

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    I thought it was pronounced like Milo. I love it! I associate it with Greek Mythology and it sounds very chique and will stand the test of time. Just go for it.

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