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  • i associate philo with pastry dough, and dislike the name

    51 46.79%
  • i associate philo with pastry dough, but i like the name

    10 9.17%
  • i don't associate philo with pastry dough, but i dislike the name

    32 29.36%
  • i don't associate philo with pastry dough and i like the name

    16 14.68%
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    I have never heard of Phyllo before so it wouldn't bother me. Philo is an interesting name but I would only ever use it as a middle name.

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    My initial reaction was the pastry dough (didn't know I was pronouncing it wrong!) and that I didn't love the name - so that is what I voted. However, I like the sound of the name and I can see it growing on me.

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    The dough. Regardless, I think it is terrible as a name. Sorry.

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    American Pronunciation of phyllo by Macmillan Dictionary

    It's pronounced Fy-low there and this is an American English dictionary.
    Merriam Webster has the same pronuncation.

    So idk if I would really say that Fee-low is the correct pronunciation... it may be a pronunciation but not the pronunciation.

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    I only think of Philo T. Farnsworth. I mostly like it, but every once in a while it makes me think of the word Pedophile so it never makes it on my list.
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