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    Hate ebenezer love benedict, Clark benedict sounds great
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    I actually really adore the name Ebenezer.

    It represents remembering a place and time when God helped you--his faithfulness. And of course the connection to Scrooge is a strong one, but he learned to focus on the important things in life.

    I know it's not a beautiful name and that people connect it with crotchetiness but I still like it.
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    This is one of my very favorite guilty pleasure names. In fact, if my next one is another boy I may throw all caution to the wind and go for it. Such an awesome meaning, and I find it to be hipster/geek chic. I'm leaning towards the nickname Zeb. For a middle I think it would be grand with Clark!

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    Eben-ezer means "hitherto has The Lord helped us". An Ebenezer is something you look back on and know The Lord was particularly near or helping you through it. Thus raising an Ebenezer means recalling to mind how The Lord has carried you. It was used much among Christians in previous centuries. The Christmas carol character doesn't even come to mind for me. If you use it, understand the meaning and be ready to give reason for using it. With really different names you don't want your answer for using it to be "we just thought it sounded so nice with this other name." You know? It's a good strong name.

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    I love it, and remember Ebenezer changed his ways in the end. I really love the name.
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