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    I've put some thought into using just Eben or Ezra, but I much prefer the flow of Clark Ebenezer with our last name. I hadn't thought of Ebsneezer, but it doesn't seem that bad to me, not like having fart in your name.

    @southern.maple - We also prefer Clark Ebenezer to Oscar Damien. Its just strange because usually we have settled for a safer option.

    I am afraid that Ebenezer just keeps growing on me. In addition to a symbol of reform, I also think the biblical connection gives it strength. It also appears in "come thou fount of every blessing" which is such an inspiring hymn.

    So here's the big problem. My Husband is completely on board! Usually, he brings me back to earth whenever I suggest anything "too weird", but since its in the middle he has absolutely no objection. I even tried talking names with him last night and he told me that he thought we had already decided on Clark Ebenezer. So I need some severe backlash so I can test how much I am willing to put up with.

    I don't like the idea of choosing a "shocking" name just to get attention, but I really like Ebenezer.
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    It doesn't make me think of Christmas, but definitely makes me think of Scrooge. How about Eberhard or Eleazar? Endymion? Englebert?
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    Hah, for me Ebenezer is just the name of the church I'm attend every once in a while - so I don't associate it with Charles Dickens... But I admit I may have associated it with him, if it hadn't been for my church.

    But Clark Ebenezer is such a lovely name... I actually say you go for it. How often do you hear the middle names of people?
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    I think it is appropriate... especially as it is a middle name.
    Why not?

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    I don't associate the name with Christmas. However I can see the problem where people might say, "Ebenezer? Like Ebenezer Scrooge?". People should not say this because it is rude but i think it might happen. But if you don't think you will have a problem with that then use it!
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