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    I'm always for giving a child a full, more traditional name so they have options. However, I don't think parents should give their kids a name with an obvious nickname if they want them to go by their full name. For example, naming a child Nicholas and expecting nobody to call him Nick is setting yourself up for a lifetime of correcting people, and eventually the kids in his class will probably end up calling him Nick. I think Abigail, Zachary, Madeleine, Matthew, Michael, Alexandra/Alexander, Samuel, William, and even Jacob, and Lucas fall into this category as well.

    It definitely doesn't always work out this way though, I know a family with a son named Nathaniel. They always loved the nickname Nate and intended to use it for him, but he was almost always called Nathaniel by everyone who knew him. In the recent years, people have started to use Nate more, but it definitely wasn't always like that. My own name has many potential nicknames, but none of them ever stuck (no matter how hard I tried) and I've always gone by my full name.

    I also think people are more cautious nowadays. Whenever I meet a kid, I call them what their parents introduce them as, unless I'm otherwise corrected or they commonly refer to their child by a nickname. That being said, there's no controlling what their classmates will call them, or what they decide they want to be called themselves.

    I think that if you're going to use an obviously nicknamable name, make sure you like both Nick and Nicholas, otherwise stick with Max or Seth.

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    I think you'll find that most Berries prefer longer names that allow for an array of nn. I usually like longer name with nn options.
    (I think Elva is the excpetion in my signature and I still get bothered by the fact that it's so short).
    I think their is a fine line for me between nn that I'd consider acceptable fn and those I wouldn't.
    (Liam, Max and Tess are totally fine in my book while Jack, Maddie and Susie are not).
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    while you cant control what others eventually end up nicknaming your kid, like at school, a full name GIVES THEM OPTIONS.

    this way when they are older they arent still carrying around a 'kids' name and at least have the option to go by a full name.

    otherwise they can be severely limited depending on the nickname.

    i think, as you did, any child would appreciate this.
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    I personally don't like nicknames as full names. I love names that can be shortened to nicknames if possible. I actually can relate to a pp about Nicholas and the nn Nick. His parents insist on him being called Nicholas and he is constantly called Nick, I think it is kind of a reflex for most people. I think it really allows for people to have choices. For instance my name is Valerie, I have the nn Val. People ask me all the time which I prefer and I tell them they can use whatever, most of my friends and family call me Val. But when I answer the phone at work or introduce myself I use Valerie. Another instance I can think of is my mom. Her full name is Vickie, not Victoria, and I kind of find it weird. I actually found out recently from a friend that she used to go by Cindy but when she moved here she started going by her fn Lucinda. I can't even picture her as a Cindy but her family still calls her Cindy. Also I think that if the parents purposely try to pick a name that can't be shortened, it will be one way or another. My best friend's youngest is Ethan and we all call him E. Also I know a girl named Chantel and the mom was so happy that it couldn't be shortened but she gets called Telly.

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    I prefer full names because they give people more versatility. I'll use the name Elizabeth as an example. During childhood, a girl named Elizabeth can use a cute nickname (Bessie, Betsy, Elsie, Lizzie etc...). When she outgrows her juvenile nn, she can use another shorter version of her full name during her teen years (Beth, Liza, Eliza). When she reaches adulthood and moves into the professional world, she can revert back to her full name of Elizabeth. Having a "nickname as a first name" diminishes these name choices considerably. I find most nicknames to be stuck in childhood so they have a tendency to "juvenilize" people. It's almost like their parents never want their children to grow up. I often remind posters on here that we spend most of our lives as adults so we should concentrate on how names age and if a name is suitable for a person in all stages of life.
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