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    Nicknames as full baby names

    Now, I'm not going to be having children for a while, but a trend I find that comes up on baby naming forums is using nicknames as full names (for example, Jamie-Lynn Spears naming her daughter Maddie instead of more full names such as Madison or Madeleine). What do you guys think of this trend? Would/have you give/given your child a nickname as a full name?

    My full name is Cassandra, but since I was four, I have been referred to as Casey. When I was young, everyone used to call me Casey (including teachers and other authority figures), but now being much older, the only people who call me Casey are my family and friends. For most of my life, my name being used wasn't my given name, but rather a name I came up with myself. Even though I am okay with being called by a nickname and growing up with one, I would prefer if my (future children) would be called by their full names. I would choose their names for a reason, so why have their beautiful names be shortened to a nickname?

    Note: This is my perspective on the matter as a someone who grew up with a nickname, I do not mean to cause offence to anybody (if I do, I apologize) and I respect every member's opinion, even if it is not similar to my own. I'm just curious to see what people's opinions are!
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    I have never really loved nicknames as full names. My mum wanted to call me Dani but my dad insisted on Danielle which i am eternally greatful for. I think it is nice to have the full name and then the child/adult has choices. Having said all that I have started to love one syllable names as full names which clearly originated as nicknames............

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    If you want to control what your child is called then you need to name them what you want them to be called. At some point, parents lose control of how their children use their names. So if someone wants their daughter to be called Maddie by everyone always, then naming her Maddie instead of Madison or Madeline makes sense. I new someone named James whose parents wanted to call Jamie. He hated Jamie and has always insisted on being called James (from a young age). If you want to ensure a daughter is called Kate, it is probably better to name her Kate because if you name her Katherine, she may end up using Katherine or Kathy rather than

    However, I think that Maddie, like many other nicknames, is a limiting name that doesn't work well for a doctor or judge or CEO. It is probably better to use a more formal name and recognize that your child may or may not end up using the preferred nickname.

    If I were to choose a nickname as a full name, I would choose ones that work well for an adult as well as child. So, for a boy, I would consider nicknames like Jake, Sam, Max, Ned, Liam, and Theo as full names but I would not consider nicknames like Ollie. For a girl, I would consider nicknames like Kate, Beth, and Tess as full names but not nicknames like Betsy or Susie.

    Also, if you want your children to by there full names and a nickname, it is probably best to use names that don' have natural or traditional nicknames. For boys, you may want to consider names like Arlo, Dean, Eric, Ian, Neil, Glenn, Reid for boys and Hannah, Clare, Erin, Autumn, Tara, wren for girls.
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    My grandfather(who has a nickname-sounding-name-as-a-name) and grandmother(who has a name without a handy nickname) gave all of their children nicknames as names. To date, none of their many grandchildren have been given a nickname as a name, BUT nearly all of them have been given a name that does not have a handy nickname(beyond your standard cutesy family rhyming-style nicknames). The names of all the grandchildren run from traditional to hippie to exotic, so there's a wide range, but they all share that trait. So my mom and her siblings carried on the name-control tradition(there's literally one cousin who has a name that can be shortened), but every single one dropped the nicknames-as-names pattern.

    I can absolutely respect that some parents want to give their kids names that don't have nicknames. For me, since I had no name-related nickname growing up, I want my kids to have that option. Yes, I'm going to pick names that I love, but I figure that I can call them by that name as much as I want. It's not up to me to dictate how other people refer to my child, nor how my child will ask other people to refer to them(past a certain age, of course). Kids and young adults (and even not-so-young adults)WILL nickname each other, even if the nicknames don't make sense or are actually longer than the given name. I figure I might as well give my kids a few syllables to play with, because who knows what their preferences will be? I didn't mind being called things that had nothing to do with my name, but some kids, like my sister, will hate it. But she had a group of friends who insisted on nicknaming everyone and everything, so she ended up using her initials to make a nickname that felt like it belonged to her(which, hilariously, resembled MY real name closely enough that her later friends who only knew her by that nickname got REALLY confused).

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    As my signature says I love them like Lily and Ellie and Millie. I would never use Ellie by itself because I love Eleanor and Eloise more or Millie because I love Matilda more. I don't think it limits them there are successful people who go by nicknames like Ellie Goulding and Olly Murs (yes I know both british singers) though I know Ellie Goulding's real name is Elena she chooses to be known as Ellie.
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