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    Suggest names for my husband's what some may call "dated" naming style?

    So my husband and I are 10 years apart in age, and his proves difficult when trying to agree on names! Some names he suggests I have to veto as I have known soo many all my life, and vice versa. He only ever suggests names like Ashley, Lindsay, Brianna, Marissa... Nothing wrong with these names but I can think of 5-10 of each! My style is a bit more old fashioned (Evelyn, Nora, Caroline, etc) but I'm trying to open myself up to his style and see if we can find a diamond in the rough. (My daughters name Brenna came from this compromise as well, and I do love it!)

    Some names I feel "fit" this category that I like:

    These are names that I know many would find boring or dated but neither of us have any associations with them.. so in our minds, they're refreshing. (Though my husband isn't as into Valerie or Tara as I thought he might be...)

    Can you tell me what your opinions on any of these names are or, better yet, think of more names that would fall into our common ground? Tall order I know.. Thanks!

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    From this list, I really, really love Rachel! It's on my short list, and I've loved it for years. Plus, I think Mason, Brenna, and Rachel are fab. I also like Valerie, but that probably stems from my deep love of Valeria, which I think is so utterly romantic and strong and cool. I would love to meet a Valeria!

    A few other ideas:

    Amanda (could be vintage, as well, as it was in style several decades ago. Plus, there's more vintage nns like Annie, or even Amy, which might also please his 80s-type style!)
    Georgia (seems more like a classic to me, but it does seem like a happy medium between Rachel and Nora!)
    Alice (maybe a happy compromise between your vintage style and his style--which Allison would fit right in with)
    Ariana (a bit more modern, but I grew up with an Ariana, so I think it could be a happy blend. Plus, Mason, Brenna, and Ariana? Och, love!)
    Veronica (plus, this could have the vintagey nn of Vera, which could totally suit your style?)
    Lillian (vintagey, plus I know Lillians of virtually every age, so I could see it suiting your husband's style, as well!)
    Erin (or even something like Catherine nn Erin/Wren or Erina?)

    Good luck!
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    My husband seems to like dated names too. I just had to explain to him that many of his "famliar" names belonged to moms/dads now. Both of us have pretty trendy names for when we were born. If our parents had chosen what was familiar to their time period we would have been named Linda and Richard. We are in our mid 20s and he agreed that that would have been strange and he was more open to fresher ideas.
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