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    Oliver's brother needs a name by Saturday!!

    Just found out that I'll be induced with our second son this Saturday....5 days away! We have a 4yr old son named Oliver Harrison (last name is 2 syllables and starts with a Ch) and absolutely LOVE his name... so much so that I can't seem to love another boy name as much, so I haven't really committed to anything. My husband has been calling him Oscar already and I do love the name but wonder now if it's too close to Oliver?? Middle name would be Alexander after two family members who have passed (but would not use Alexander as first name... know too many already).
    We call do Oliver "Ollie" quite often but would not use the nn "Ozzie" for Oscar... I think it's too similar to Ollie and don't think 2 syllable Oscar needs to be 'shortened' to another 2 syllable name.
    Is it too close?? Oliver and Oscar??? Ollie and Oscar?? Oliver Harrison and Oscar Alexander??
    The other names we both like are Finnegan... but just had a good friend from college name her son Finnegan 10mo ago... but mostly only in touch via FB now. and I love Elliot but my hubby doesn't so much. I'm really starting to panic now that I know he's coming SOON! Any advice would be sooo appreciated!!! Thank you!

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    It's funny that my husband and I are seriously considering naming our son due any day Oliver Finnegan lol so we have similar taste!! I love the name Finnegan (ESP the nn Finn), but was afraid it wasn't "serious" enough if that makes any sense. I do love it though with Oliver and think if you don't mind the party feel that I get from it then you should go for it!! I am personally not a fan of Oscar at all and agree they are too close. Love Elliott though! We also considered Theodore, Maxwell, Lincoln and Griffin ( to get Finn ) if you like any if those??

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    I think Oliver and Oscar are fine together, I like sibling alliteration.

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