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    I too am surprised to never see Marilyn in the birth announcements. It does have all the qualities of a "name ready for a comeback". I finished Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates and it made me love the name, not enough to use it persay but I do wonder how Evelyn, Carolyn, and the like are so popular now but Marilyn is not.

    I like Marlo, but Marlowe isnt my favorite spelling.
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    Marlowe Elise is a beautiful name and I like Marilyn. I like how all of the middle names for Marilyn flow well together too.

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    I think Marilyn is gorgeous! I hope this name is coming back.

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    I much prefer Marilyn. Marlowe is uber trendy and will feel very tired soon.

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    That Marilyn combination is stunning!! Seperately, I would not normally go for any of those names, but together.... M@rilyn @nita Rose M@rie... The names all compliment each other so beautifully in style and flow. I compliment this girlie's mom greatly on her style and daring.
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