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Thread: Audrey Plum?

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    I like Audrey Plum!
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    I don't care for Audrey, but I love Plum!!! I prefer it to Birdie.
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    It sounds nice, but I'm from East /South East England and its definitely a word for testicle I'm afraid!
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    I really like it

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    giinkies, december, collmcc523, corajsb, jazz1509, louie, orphanedhanyou, sorceress, escg33k, moonblossom, milo2011 : Thank you!

    Ash: It does have a bit more spunk, and it's more sweet and feminine sounding than Bird. I do like the nickname Birdie though.

    Athena: I agree, it is very plucky. I love plucky middles

    suzywoo: Thank you for that er.. warning? I live in New Zealand and we don't get that here!

    ciolotto: That's ok! It's great to here other people's opinions. Thank you for your suggestions!

    Ottilie: Thank you! Yes Audrey is very 'plum-y' to me too, that's why I love it, both the names suit each other.

    Thanks so much everyone!
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