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  • Amélie Margaux

    22 50.00%
  • Mathilde Annette

    7 15.91%
  • Isabelle Morgane

    13 29.55%
  • Clothilde Maëlle

    5 11.36%
  • Axelle Juliette

    5 11.36%
  • Charlotte Ariane

    15 34.09%
  • Ondine Lisette

    10 22.73%
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    Names for our baby girl

    1. Amélie Margaux (ah-may-lee)(mar-go)
    2. Mathilde Annette (mah-teeld)(ahn-net)
    3. Isabelle Morgane (ees-a-belle)(mor-gohn)
    4. Clothilde Maëlle (klo-teeld)(my-yelle)
    5. Axelle Juliette (ex-elle)(juh-lee-yette)
    6. Charlotte Ariane (chargh-lut)(a-rhee-ahn)
    7. Ondine Lisette (ohn-deen) (leez-zet)

    We will expect a baby girl soon, please help the name. Notice we have non-traditional names in America, these are common in our home country, France. We spend time about 4-9 months in USA or France at a time.
    Other names maybe to include:
    Liliane (lee-lee-ahn)
    Amandine (ah-mahn-deen)
    Sixtine (sees-teen)
    Aurélie (augh-ray-lee)
    Cécile (say-seel)
    Eveline (ay-va-leen)
    Célestine (say-less-teen)

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    I voted for Ondine Lisette! I think it is absolutely beautiful! Best wishes to you!
    Mother to little~Francine Annika~

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    I think it's fine to consider non-traditional names but since you have plenty of names that translate pretty easily it may be most desirable to go with one of them. I voted for all except Mathilde and Clothilde - both are quite pretty in French but Americans upon trying to read the names will probably butcher them completely and upon being told how to pronounce it will get closer but still still come back out with a much less appealing sound - the names just don't sound nice with American vowels.

    Some further thoughts:
    Amélie Margaux (ah-may-lee)(mar-go) - wears well enough especially after the movie which was popular here. Some prn and spelling difficulties.
    Mathilde Annette (mah-teeld)(ahn-net) - see above. People will read - math - eye - ld a lot, and trying to pronounce it, probably a lot of mutt-ill-d, with a much heavier d than in French.
    Isabelle Morgane (ees-a-belle)(mor-gohn) - I think this is nice, it will get turned into the American pronunciation a lot but it's attractive and similar. Quite popular here.
    Clothilde Maëlle (klo-teeld)(my-yelle) - similar problems to Mathilde.
    Axelle Juliette (ex-elle)(juh-lee-yette) - Axelle will be pronounced close to the same and the pronunciation is intuitive. There is the connection to Axl Rose to consider, but that's fading.
    Charlotte Ariane (chargh-lut)(a-rhee-ahn)- Quite popular here, pronunciation will be similar except the R. Very pretty with either.
    Ondine Lisette (ohn-deen) (leez-zet) - I was a little on the fence about this one, it's a nice and pretty name whose pronunciation will be guessed correctly sometimes and reproduced similarly easily enough, like on-deen more likely than ohn-deen. Just sometimes you'll get dine (d-eye-n) for the last syllable, but, that won't be constant.

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    Thank you, Jesba, I appreciate your comments on the names. I like to hear what the Americans will think about the names, they are very different from what I hear in the USA. Mathilde and Clothilde have been always favorites so it is understandably hard to let go of them, although I understand about the pronunciation. I myself cannot pronounce all the American names! I can maybe use one as a middle name for her.
    Thanks for your input!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Och, LOVE THESE SO MUCH! My best friend was from France and we would talk French names all the time. Her name is even on here (Amelie!). She pronounced it ah-MILL-ee, though; she told me once that pronunciation varied in France from ah-MILL-ee to ah-MAY-lee? I still think it's gorgeous. Isabelle Morgane got my vote, as Isabelle has been my top choice for a girl for years (plus, I think Isabelle is infinitely wearable for a little girl with ties to both France and America!), but I love so many of the others on this list! Amelie, Isabelle, Aurelie (och, love Aurelie!), Charlotte, Ariane, Liliane, Lise, Lisette, Cecile, Madeleine, etc. I would love to see Ariane Lisette/Ariane Charlotte or Liliane [something]. Perhaps Liliane Camille or Liliane Odette? (I'm infinitely biased there, though, as Liliana Odette is on my own list!)

    Good luck!
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