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    Thank you everyone for your feedback!

    I'm slightly crushing on Roman Dominic at the moment, but still not completely in love.. good thing we still have 6 months to decide! Have been attempting to say/yell a couple of them out when I say Draco and so far this is my favourite.. I secretly wanted Tiger but my husband was very quick to say no to that one..

    As for the girls, we do feel like they are a different style to Draco but they are just the names we completely love and since we only want the 2 kids we are set on using one of them

    Keep the suggestions coming! and once again, thank you

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    Draco and Roman are a swoon-worthy sibset! I actually love them together

    Maybe you could use a name that has the "ty" sound in it, like Tyson or Tynan, and NN him Tiger? Or use a name that means tiger, if there are any (there aren't according to NB, the only one that turns up on behind the name is Babur, which isn't very attractive).

    Also, if you're set on Ruby or Zoe, I like Zoe better if you're pronouncing it "Zo-ee", but Ruby better if it's just "Zo" -- Draco and "Zo" are a little too close for my taste. Good luck!
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    Thanks Greyer! We did think about a 'ty' name but there were none that we could agree on..

    As for the girls, Zoe would be pronounced as 'Zo-ee' with the possibility of Zo as a nickname, seeing as we call Draco 'Drakey' and not too sure about a nickname for Ruby yet, if we decide to go with that one
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    I couldn't find a name for my son that I liked let alone one that grabbed me. His father wanted to name him Ty , after Ty Cobb but Ty was just to plain / to common. I looked forever it seemed, I finally found the name TYNAN its Irish , & means dark/dusty. I fell in love with it, we named him Tynan Michael Thomas ( 2 middle names after grampas) but I loved the way they sounded altogether. " TYNAN Michael THOMAS

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    Draco and Roman are wonderful together!
    I like both Zoe and Ruby with your son's name. If you decided to go with Ruby, you could call her Roo or Rubes or something along those lines
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