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    Will people mistake for Georgina?

    Hello Ladies

    Some advice please. I have always loved the name Georgiana, mainly down to my love of the classic novel Pride & Prejudice! When we found out we where expecting a little girl the name was put straight on the top of my shortlist. My only concern with it is will people mistake it for Georgina? I can see me getting quite frustrated if I'm forever correcting people lol!

    Our surname is Lewis which I think sounds quite nice with Georgiana and my 2 year old son is called Rupert which, again I think pairs perfectly with Georgiana.

    What are your thoughts? Do you have any children with names that people mispronounce etc? Am I worrying about nothing?!

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    I don't think so. It's a lovely name and the book is lovely too. I personally prefer Georgiana over Georgina. Actually, I know a Georgiana who goes by Ana-Claire, so Ana is an awesome nickname as well.
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    I think it is likely you will have to set the record straight initially upon new introductions. We have to do this with my daughter's name and it doesn't bother me at all. People generally get it. I'm sure she would get "Georgina" from time to time, it is a reasonable, similar name but for me it would be worth it. I think it's perfect with Rupert and your surname. I wouldn't hesitate...but I also don't take those small errors personally, it might be a personality thing.

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    I've never met a Georgiana or a Georgina, so I'm not sure Georgina is popular enough to be the default for people. I love Georgiana (another P&P fan here) and much prefer it to Georgina. I think it goes great with Rupert.
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    Georgiana is lovely! Classic, dignified and royal sounding.

    Yes, people will certainly mistake it for Georgina. It is only one letter off. However, I don't think that should sway you. It's a beautiful name and name is Amanda, one of the most popular names for girls during the 80s/90s and people have mistaken my name for Emma and Miranda. Even with popular names, someone is going to eventually mispronounce/misspell your name in some way. Especially since nowadays there are so many different spellings of a name (take the Jayden trend for instance) it probably won't matter.
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