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    Fiona is one of my current favorite names... But sometimes I'm not sold on it, and I think it's because of the 'fee' part- the way it feels (ahrgh!) when I say it. I keep wanting to give it a 'th' sound instead, and perhaps may prefer Leona to Fiona, avoids the whole f problem.
    I also love coraline so much, but whenever I say it aloud I sound waaaaay more southern than I am. Cora-laahhn. I guess I have the same accent when I say Caroline, but it doesn't bug me as much when I hear myself say that. (I might be placing the stress on the first syllable of Caroline more than with coraline).
    Going off the hard c theme, I adore chloe until I say it aloud. The chl sound makes me feel like my throat is fleghmy (sp?).
    I have trouble also with Audrey. Sometimes I say it odd-ry and sometimes odge-ry, and that bugs me. Not enough not to use the name (as is the case with all of the names actually...)

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    YES. Elodie and Ottilie are this for me. I have a very flat New York Jew/New England private college accent which does terrible things to otherwise beautiful names. Elodie comes out "Ella-dee" and Ottilie, alas, becomes "Oddly".
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    This is me with Katherine. It sounds so sweet in my head, and on paper it looks lovely and feminine, but out loud it just doesn't sound as nice.


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    Adira for me.
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    Ahuh, most certainly.

    In my head I love the names Adela, Liadan, Fergus etc But I hate saying them out loud because they don't sound so nice when I pronounce them. I have heard other people pronounce them beautifully though, it might be the accent.
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