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    Has anyone else encountered this?

    I love some names, but only when I say them in my head. When I say them out loud, it just sounds strange and foreign in my mouth. I can't possibly use a name that only sounds good in my head, right? Does anyone else have this problem? The thought expectation of the name is not meeting the verbal results!

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    Oh man, YES!!

    They are what I refer to as the names I love, "on paper", because when I say them out loud it sounds like I'm trying to hard too say them right. Its incredibly frustrating!
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    Thats exactly how I feel about the name Dashiel...Love the name on paper & in my head, in theory I feel it fits my sibset, love the nn Dash, but when I say it out loud, I feel like I am trying to say a name I dont know how to pronounce!

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    Yes, yes yes, completely! Ienipa and Eiola are the ones that spring to mind immediately (they happen to be two of the slightly more unusual ones of my list) - I just feel there is something missing when I say them out loud... I'm glad someone else feels the same way though!

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    Yes! For me it's Conrad. When I actually say it, the -rad part gets overemphasized and I don't like it. In my head it's so handsome!
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