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    I find Story is getting everywhere now.
    Indie is a wonderful suggestion and goes with Ever nicely. Also;

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    Story Helena and Ever Soleil... <3 Love.

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    definitely (please!) skip Story. its not a word that can be a name, nor is it a name that a child should have to endure.

    bedtime: 'want to read a story Story?' this is ridiculous.

    together with Ever, an already very literal name (that at least isnt such a common word - especially in a child/school vocabulary) the sibset is would become laughable instead of the whimsical, light feel you most likely are looking for.

    i always think about the 3 ways a name needs to grow & fit a persons life:

    1) it needs to work on a child, not be so grown up or such a mouthful their friends cant spell their name
    2) will their future partner/lover be able to call out this name in a moment of passion?
    - here comes a good moment not to be laughable or for it to still be just a child's nickname Zuzu (yes someone seriously wanted to name their child this and only this)
    3) will this name be able to be taken seriously when seen on business cards or billboards, not to mention when called by their future boss into their office for promotion review

    however with that said Helena or Seraphine would be lovely firsts - try variations out & similar sounds: Elena & Delphina

    also consider: Aurora, Wren, Cecily, Verity, Mercy, Serene, Dawn, Reverie
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    Thank you for the replies!

    I like the suggestion of Junia, it was actually on my list awhile back. I am fond Lyla, Wren and Indie but don' t think I could get the husband to like any of them.

    Thanks for the honesty @orphanedhanyou. I hear what you are saying but can't seem to shake Story. I love Helena but not pronounced Helen-a so that is putting me off from using it as a first.

    and thanks for the compliment on my older daughter's name @strawberry_fields

    Anymore opinions or suggestions are greatly welcome

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    Oooh I like Zoe w/ Ever Soleil (beautiful name, BTW), but Story fits the set better. Story Hélène (heh-LAYN) would be fantastic with Ever Soleil, and you still get a French middle : )
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