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    Sister for Ever Soleil

    hey berries!

    I have posted on this before but feel like I'm back to square one with names. My daughter is Ever Soleil and she will be getting a little sister in December. My hubby and I both liked the names Sienna and Noa, but unfortunately so did our friends. We have Zoe on our list and I have also become a fan of Story (my three year old's favorite). the hubby is worried Story might be too out there especially when paired with Ever. Any suggestion? I am open to all. Our last name is long and greek and I am found of Helena or Seraphine for a middle name.

    Thank you

    and thanks to the responses to my other post!

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    Story Helena would be magical with Ever Soleil! I think they make an appropriate sibset.

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    I love the name Story and it has a creative ring to it yet is easy to pronounce and spell.
    Mn ideas are:
    Story Delphine
    Story Persephone (Love this!)
    Story Artemis/Artemisia
    Story Merle
    Story Hermione
    Story Violet

    Hope this helped!

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    Would you consider Helena Story?

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    I'm sure the grandmothers would much prefer Helena Story. Its a possibility if I could get my husband on board

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