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    Quote Originally Posted by lemonthistle View Post
    fwiw, I am a strippper. Dancer's stage names actually mostly follow larger baby naming trends and sound like real names.

    Stripping is a job. Many of us who do it don't find it to be inherently negative. Certainly not everyone can or should do this work, but I'd be careful about assuming that the names we give our work personas are thereafter tainted. Most women's names have probably been used by a stripper as her stage name at some point.

    Creating an alter ego that has a name other than the one we were born with, possibly a fantastic one, is one of the most fun things about stripping. I would think most name nerds could sympathize with that?
    I was around the business for long enough to know what I know of it, but I don't associate women with being "trashy" because of their jobs. Strippers are just human beings like everyone else and the industry is built on fantasy, hence the names are often ones women wish they had in real life.

    Some of the names on my list were trashy in my opinion, but I think the majority of them are just trendy names. And I agree, these are fantasy names, and women come to this website to fantasize about names they like. .. It doesn't surprise me that there are a lot of common names.

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    Just because someone is named something like Ebony (my name) or Dantea's Angel Starr doesn't mean someones a stripper. I'm tired of seeing these generalisations. In Australia Ebony has been top 100 since the 80's it was off the top 100 when I was born so my parents gave me a popular name. I wrote this on my blog a little while: am an Ebony so I think I have a right to say telling someone that they have a “stripper name” or a ghetto name it’s not nice. Ok so I may prefer Ebs to Ebony and Ebony to Eb but I am not a stripper I am a teen at a catholic high school. You could say well there have been no sucessful Ebony’s well what about Ebbenny Faranda she is a newsreader not a stripper or something like that. Just because you name your daughter Mary or Diana does not make you a better person then the mum of a Maddison or that the Mary is a better person then the Maddison.

    Oh and also I have only ever got the "but your not black" comment twice and I've never been made fun of because of my name.
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    Madison* -- It's so widely used!
    Strippers are superstitious about money. We like to give ourselves names that remind us of money. Madison Avenue.

    The original temptress?

    It's magical sounding. The idea of destiny is romantic. It's a rarely used word name.

    Jazmin -- this is just Jasmine creatively spelled
    All spellings of Jasmine are super popular stage names for strippers right now. I suspect due to Disney movie Alladin. Flowers are sexy. Jasmine smells good and grows in exotic places.

    One of the sexiest words in the english language for something black. It's expensive and beautifuly and exotic.

    Innocence can be a profitable schtick.

    The implication of something expensive and beautiful.

    Fame and the heavens are useful energies to conjur on stage.

    It sounds v feminine and is pronounceable in many languages. It's not a common name.

    Song by the Police? The x sound is sexy/edgy.

    the x sound is sexy/ edgy.

    meh. I guess it sounds exotic. The v sound is edgy. It's a new sounding, not frumpy name.

    Mountains are cool and far away, I guess? It's a new sounding, not frumpy name.

    Mrs Ohara was pretty romantic. The clue character was hot. Red is a sexy color. It rhymes with harlot.

    Russian names are exotic and elegant feeling and are not commonly used. They sound expensive! All strippers love cats.

    Means beautiful. Short enough to be v easily understood in a loud room. Pronounceable in many languages.

    Awesome for a goth stripper. (there are many) Literally means beautiful women and implies poison for extra badassery.

    Nina wrote some great songs. It's sleek and french sounding-> classy.

    see Katrina. Also, the princess.

    Naturey, tomboyish and wholesome can all be profitable angles. Simple so easy to hear in a loud room. Trendy in the 80's, so maybe reminds a guy of a crush from high school. Real sounding.

    see Brooke.

    Jewelstones are always good. Expensive and beautiful.

    idk. x's are cool I guess?

    super femmy, I think. Girlish sounding. Ms Spears?

    See Britney and Kimberly.

    See Britney, Kimberly and Brooke.

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    Ok, well then if every name has been used as a stripper name at least once, why even stereotype any name as a stripper name? Theyre just names, right? So then no name is a stripper name because strippers have apparently used every one, or all names are stripper names and the general population just isnt aware their daughter/sister/mother kate has a stripper name?

    I think the point im trying to make is that if there are strippers named Madison and Mary, whose to say what names are stripper names? Why are you even compiling a list if every name ever is going to end up on it?

    And another thing; no ive never met a stripper, and no i have nothing against them. Why should i care what someone else chooses to do with their lives? I never said strippers couldnt be educated, but why name yourself Madison if youre looking to be exotic? Little off the mark.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lemonthistle View Post
    I think your list is awesome and accurate and you seem really respectful. However,

    "Most strippers are from sexually abusive backgrounds or drug addicted. I don't judge women who have had a hard knock life so harshly."

    I haven't found that to be true. There are a lot of reasons to be drawn to the work. Some of us like the money/ flexibility because we are artists/ students/ want to travel/ have expensive hobbies/ are single moms/ this is a jobless recovery. You seem to be coming from a place of empathy, which I definitely appreciate, and for sure some dancers are not in a good place. Most is a big word, though. And the negative stereotypes out there about us being pathetic trainwrecks are duhumanizing in addition to being inaccurate. I have found that most strippers are more vivacious, pragmatic, witty, tough, empathetic, and clever than the general population, whatever happened or is happenning now in our lives outside of work.

    "Strippers tend to pick whimsical, naturey, exotic, or trendy names. Madison is probably the most common stripper name I know of. Ginger is also pretty common."


    "I have known strippers with my first and middle names and have no doubt there are plenty if strippers named Diana, and I plan to name my daughter that. \

    I haven't met any strippers named Joann, Mary, Margarite, Mabel, Etc. That doesn't mean those are better names."

    I had a manager named Joanne. I have danced with a Marie.
    This is getting a bit personal, and I'm already getting my butt kicked all over the place. I like to stir up trouble, but not hurt feelings and I think I owe everyone an apology.

    But, I heard that speech about making extra money for college/travel/clothes a lot in my day, but it never really seemed to be the case. Sure, I knew strippers with college degrees. I worked in Atlanta, so perhaps the industry is different in other places. And that was several years ago, too.

    And to get further off topic:

    There are not a lot of women comfortable with being naked in front of random people that have not in some way had their sexuality exploited by somebody who normalized the idea of nudity in that way. And while some of us come from hippie parent households where nudity is not seen the same way it is in the mainstream, we still don't tend to then sexualize and profit from it. It takes 'something' to push us to that point. I know you hate being associated with trainwrecks, but the fact is that it's the gateway to the sex industry, rife with drugs and dysfunction in the vast majority of the business, and you have to be around these people too, and even worse the men who support their lifestyles, whether my description fits you or not. That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of good women doing this for a living. So, I can understand if that makes you feel defensive. But, I remain unconvinced that you represent but a very small fraction of this industry, and I have worked with women who have left the industry enough to say I am not going just based on a year or two in Atlanta when I identify a pattern to the kind of women the business attracts. They are mostly victims, some just don't know it.

    Trashy? No way. I have compassion and respect for all women, ESPECIALLY if they take off their clothes to make money. I just wish more of them respected themselves.

    OK, well there is one trashy stripper name I just read about: Pye Thang. That's AWESOME.

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