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    I think your list is awesome and accurate and you seem really respectful. However,

    "Most strippers are from sexually abusive backgrounds or drug addicted. I don't judge women who have had a hard knock life so harshly."

    I haven't found that to be true. There are a lot of reasons to be drawn to the work. Some of us like the money/ flexibility because we are artists/ students/ want to travel/ have expensive hobbies/ are single moms/ this is a jobless recovery. You seem to be coming from a place of empathy, which I definitely appreciate, and for sure some dancers are not in a good place. Most is a big word, though. And the negative stereotypes out there about us being pathetic trainwrecks are duhumanizing in addition to being inaccurate. I have found that most strippers are more vivacious, pragmatic, witty, tough, empathetic, and clever than the general population, whatever happened or is happenning now in our lives outside of work.

    "Strippers tend to pick whimsical, naturey, exotic, or trendy names. Madison is probably the most common stripper name I know of. Ginger is also pretty common."


    "I have known strippers with my first and middle names and have no doubt there are plenty if strippers named Diana, and I plan to name my daughter that. \

    I haven't met any strippers named Joann, Mary, Margarite, Mabel, Etc. That doesn't mean those are better names."

    I had a manager named Joanne. I have danced with a Marie.

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