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    Hahaa my daughter's middle made the list! Honestly, the wearer of the name is what makes a name stripperish or not. Peaches could be a stripper...or a Brit socialite. Trinity could be a stripper...or a Puritan settler. Give me any stripper name and I could picture a more moral wearer. I guess what you're getting at is- names that are flirty, sexy, fun, not-so-serious, and I like plenty of names that fit with that.

    Some of these like Eve & Brooke are hard to even find a glimpse of stripperishness in! Maybe they just have a negative association for you, but those two strike me as especially classy & pretty much as unsexy as you could get!

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    Destiny is Miley Cyrus' birth name... so we've all heard of a whorish Destiny!

    That being said, whilst i fully understand why Peaches is a stripper name, I still love this name. I'd never give it to my child for obvious stereotypical reasons but I like it as a nickname.
    Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof and Fifi Trixibelle Geldof are my fave celeb names.
    Yes shame on me I know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dantea View Post
    My whole name is on here too >.< I don't have favorite stripper names because as a pp said, if it's so bad it becomes strippery, it's negative to me.

    I left my full name on there too :P
    These are all names of strippers I have known. I used to waitress in a few strip clubs when I was very young. I don't have a directly negative connotation towards strippers the way most of you do. I think there are far trashier professions, to be honest. Most strippers are from sexually abusive backgrounds or drug addicted. I don't judge women who have had a hard knock life so harshly.

    Strippers tend to pick whimsical, naturey, exotic, or trendy names. Madison is probably the most common stripper name I know of. Ginger is also pretty common.

    I have known strippers with my first and middle names and have no doubt there are plenty if strippers named Diana, and I plan to name my daughter that. \

    I haven't met any strippers named Joann, Mary, Margarite, Mabel, Etc. That doesn't mean those are better names.

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    I don't find stripping to be the worst thing a woman can do. I don't really approve, but it's not my body nor is it my place to wave the "don't be a stripper" flag :P

    Angel Starr (yea I know, it's a 'stripperish' spelling) is my name and with my maiden name (Cash) added....yea. I know my name is a stripperish name >.< Angel Starr Cash is also a decent looking porn star according to google image searches. It's my name and I love it and I'M not a stripper nor am I a porn star :P

    My sisters name has made it onto these lists too -- Amber Dawn. >.<

    EDIT -- The poster above me included my spelling of Starr and the name I call my grandma -- Mimi. My family is full of strippery names :P -- My Amazon Author Page

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