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    Just a 15 year old name lover.

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    I wouldn't call all of these "stripper names". I can see food names, like Candy and Peaches, because they could be seen as mildly suggestive (although, I imagine any real stripper who goes by this sort of name chose it herself, like a stage name). Many of the names were trendy and then faded from popularity, which can sometimes make them feel sort of down market. But, most of them are just names. A couple you mentioned feel down-right grandma-ish to me.
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    I don't like classifying names as 'stripper names' but, some of Toddlers and Tiara's finest do give that impression. Sparkal, Saryniti, Alycesaundra, Neveah, anything with a really 'yewneek' spelling, or anything that's just a random word with no proper history as a name, like Diamond.
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    My whole name made the list too.. Woohoo! I feel like some of these are really odd for this type of list... You have some VERY common every day non-stripper names on there..

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    If Bella is a stripper name than the industry is going to be inundated in a couple decades...

    P.S. The only Destiny I've ever met was a college freshman studying to be a pediatric cardiologist. So take that, name stereotypes!

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