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    Quote Originally Posted by dantea View Post
    I was never offended to see my name on here. I know it's sort of stripperish. Especially my whole name and my sisters whole name. My mom didn't think things through >.< I was going to be an Alexander Nathaniel, what happened mom!?

    Anyway, this has actually been a really interesting thing to read. I've never met a stripper, but we are thinking of going to a trip club for my guy friends birthday next week so maybe I'll post the names I see when I'm there :P

    If I were a stripper (and let me tell you with the cost of college the thought has crossed my mind...before I remember I'm not skinny or good looking enough, besides the fact that I'm in transition to and am horribly uncomfortable with my female body) I'd be Andromeda or Lunshea (loon-shay). Ones all starry and exotic and the other means moon fairy. They are wonderful names both on my long list, but if I were reinventing myself as a female stripper and needed a stage name, there it is.

    Now since I'm transitioning, like I said up there, I'll add my stripper stage name if I was a male stripper. I'd be one of these -- Zephyr, Blaise, Greyson (you know, 50 shades and Grey and stuff :P ) , Phoenix, or maybe Dante (which is actually in a combo I'm actually using)

    It should be noted that I have every one of those names on my long list. Dante is in a combo I'm planning on actually using, Lunshea was used as the middle name of the main female character in the novel I'm in the process of publishing, a version of Zephyr is in a girl combo of mine so I obviously don't find these names 'tainted' or anything since I just named my stripper self these things :P
    I love a lot of those names and never heard Lunshea. My stripper name would be Drew if I was me or Sebastian if I was a dude. I actually knew a stripper dude with this name and always thought it was hot. Sergio would also be nice!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nat108 View Post
    Wow, this thread sure took a left turn.

    I've been told many of my favorites make people think of strippers. I don't know any strippers personally, but apparently nature names and word names are stripperish. I've heard that Fox, Blaise, and Jasper are fine on a boy but on a girl they become provocative. I can understand Fox, but Jasper and Blaise? Someone commented that Lotus was too sexual to use as a name and I was floored. Lotus is sexual!? How is it different from Rose or Violet?
    A lot of people seem to think that certain names sound like stripper names, I'm 14 I don't know any but i don't think theres really any name that screams "stripper". I'm not offended that my names used by strippers, I like how it seems fun but i don't like when they use it as an insult as in sharing the name with a stripper is the worst thing that could ever happen.

    Also is the name Ebony normally used by "black" strippers in America?
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