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    Quote Originally Posted by lemonthistle View Post
    I think Juniper would be a cool stage name. Gin plus nature- win!
    I was just thinking about that one this morning. I bet it will get used a lot.

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    a stripper has a real name and a stage name. the stage name is stereotypical and what we think of when we think of strippers.

    just because they are named a stereotypical name doesnt mean they'll be that occupation of course but it does come to mind pretty quick depending on how 'bad' the name is.

    and just because some of these names are common, thats why i think they are on the list - most people when thinking of anything not just names, usually think of the most common name or the most popular name and its an easy pick for a stage name.
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    To add to what's been said, I know that my younger sister (Mikayla)'s name is commonly used for strippers, but, I also know that, whenever someone mentions that too her, she really hates the association thanks to stereotypes. In school, I knew a girl named Bobbi Champagne, (that's her given first and last name). That being said, I do think that Bobbi is a name that comes to mind when I think of a stripper, possibly because of the Bobbi I know's reputation for acting as if she's one when she's at a party. Again, another few I think of are Toddlers + Tiara's names, all trendy, most are sexualized sounding names for girls. Mckynli, Sparkal, Diamond, Lyric(at a push), Alycesaundra (not sure how they actually spell it), Aynslie/Ansleigh, etc.

    I also tend to picture names ending in lie/leigh, as well as names from the 1980's + 1990's. (Kimmie, Courtney, Alyssa, Kelsey)

    I don't know if I find the thread offensive, I think to some it might be, due to stereotypes of strippers (my sister being a prime example), however, I don't think in general it is that offensive. I'm guessing there are at least a few strippers named Alana/Alannah, Mary, Christian, etc

    Having a 'stripper name' (I don't like this term, most do find it negative, but it shouldn't be), does not mean you're any smarter than someone else. I know a Kayla, a Bobbi, a Mackenzie and a Kylie, and all did far better in school than me. I believe 2 are going on to become doctors, one to be an environmentalist, and one to be a sports therapist. It also doesn't mean that a Hannah or an Ophelia are better named than a McKenna or a Kylie.
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    If I were to pick a stage name for myself it would probably be Cherish or Heather Angel. One is a Madonna song & one is a Sonic Youth song. They have the right super-sweet sound & remind me of music that I've loved forever so they make me happy. Instead of listing names that you all think sound "stripperish" maybe it would be more fun if we picked the stage name that we would choose

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