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    More Boy Combos Opinions Needs

    Typo in my subject for the thread: Meant to be: *More boy combos Opinions needed*
    Here is another one of my lists-each name has at least one middle, if not two mn's. If I ever have a child, I don't think I'd use two mn's, but it is fun to think of two sometimes when I make lists.
    Please give me any feedback, opinions, or list them in order of your preference. Thank you very much Berries.

    Dimitri Tobias

    Elijah Tobin Grey

    Carter Phoenix Jamison

    Audric Jeffrey Morrison

    Harrison Malachite

    Zachariah Luther Camden

    Lawrence Marshall Bennett

    Elliot Chatham Piers(my favorite off this list)

    Ivan Mitchell Fletcher

    Jonathan Graham Sawyer

    David Seth Quinlan

    Micah Owen Parker

    Austin Sherwood Tarlow (sherwood and tarlow are family names)

    Arthur Quentin (art)-I probably would never name a child Arthur, but I love the nn Art. I've thought of Artemus, but I dislike that as well.
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