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    Ceridwen has a wonderful sound, but depending on where you live, it might be more fitting as a middle name.

    Briar-Rose is purely a fairy tale name to me, not usable on a real person, like Cinderella. kala_way said it perfectly, saying that it's an identifier, but not quite a name. Aurora is a much more usable choice.

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    Ceridwen is too outlandish to me. I much prefer Briar-Rose. : )
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    Quote Originally Posted by moonblossom View Post
    What do you think of Ceridwen? Love it? Hate it? What does this name make you feel and imagine? What middle names would you pair with it? What first names would you pair with it (as a middle name)?

    What do you think of Briar-Rose? I know a lot of people up here aren't a fan, and think it's unusable. But if you can name your child off of a literary character, a mythological God or Goddess, a celebrity/famous person, or a character from a movie, then I think you can use Briar-Rose. I think sleeping beauty is more known as Aurora anyway.

    Thanks for any replies in advance!
    I would have to say I like Ceridwen best as it's my three year old daughter's name. Though when we found the name it was spelled Cerridwen. Her middle name is Willow (Cerridwen Willow). Briar-Rose is neat, but I can't shake Sleeping Beauty, but that's just because it's not my cup of tea. I think it's totally usable.
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    I love Ceridwen. To me, Ceridwen is running through lush forests, and dancing by firelight. She's shimmery and flowy; twirls of gold and silver, flashes of crimson red, hints of copper and orange. Her bright red hair billows around her pale face.

    Briar-Rose and I have a love/hate relationship. Sweet smelling roses lull you into unexpected thorn bushes. Briar-Rose is a beautiful name, but Ceridwen is my favorite.

    I like Ceridwen Eira.
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    I love both.
    Honestly I never thought I'd be able to picture a Briar in RL but then I came across a very non-Sleeping-Beauty type character in a book.
    I think I prefer Ceridwen just because Briar-Rose = Thorny Rose and well I'm just not sure I'd want my first name to be Thorny. (equally while I know a quite beautiful Kennedy it's meaning completely turns me off of it as a viable choice for my future children).
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