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    I really want to get on the Juniper bandwagon, she looks cool and has this very natural vibe. But I just can't! Whenever I hear Juniper I automatically think 'Jew-nipper', which isn't great considering I'm from an interfaith family and one of the faith's in my family is Judaism. Due to having a Jewish mother and me hearing Jew-nipper whenever I hear/see this name - it just isn't a good look.

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    I completely adore Juniper. It's on my guilty pleasure list. I think it's creative and spunky. I love when parents choose names that are a little bit outside the box. And to me, Juniper is one of the most usable of that ilk.

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    Thanks for the replies! Anyone have any other suggestions? I'm trying to find something similar because my love affair with Juniper has been a tumultuous romance; getting a lot of negative feedback from acquaintances now.

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    What part of it holds significance for you? The June part? Trees? Nature?

    The name Geneva actually means Juniper tree, so that might be a good option.

    Juno, Junia or just June is lovely as well. You could do something like Junia Pearl and use Juniper as a nn.

    Other tree related names: Hazel, Laurel, Willow, Olive.

    Piper has a similar sound and is more common.
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    i love it. my daughter's name is greta juniper. it's earthy, unexpected and cool.

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