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    @kala_way: Juniper has a lot of good associations, the main ones being the huge tree in my grandmother's yard and a family heirloom, a cedar chest, that was passed down to me ("Red cedar" is a juniper tree that grows where I live, the chest was made from this). I also love the smell, love the color of the berries, love that Juniper was the saint of comedy, etc. Thanks for the suggestions, I love Laurel and Hazel. Olive is actually my grandmother's name, so that's been on the list for a while.

    @banjodoo: Greta Juniper is so cute! Greta has been on my shortlist for a while as well.

    @nat108: I didn't think you had to be an outdoorsy type to love nature names? I also didn't realize it was that trendy - I don't know any one who has ever been named Juniper, save for a couple of Nameberry babies and the movie Benny & Joon, but I've met about a million Isabellas and at least three Emersons at work. Honestly I like the name for a boy or a girl, but it feels much more feminine to me, though most nature/noun names do. Any suggestions of not-trendy nature names?

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    I realize this discussion is at an end, however for those 'googling' Juniper just wanted to add my thoughts.

    We are expecting a baby in the spring my DH suggested Juniper, I wasn't sure at first but the more research I did on the name the more I am falling in love with it. We also like the nickname Juno which has a lovely meaning all on it's own.

    I found a quote about St.Juniper (male) "Would to God, my brothers, I had a whole forest of such Junipers". When I read this quote, I imagined a child with such a lovely spirit that people all around would wish there were a whole forest of them.

    I also worried that the name was too unique for us. I have a son Isaac and wanted the name to be as recognizable as his. I hear that Juniper is on the rise and if it is then great and if it isn't then that's also fine too.

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    euffie, I am so glad someone else is considering Juniper! I think the story about St. Juniper is really lovely and part of the reason I like the name so much. Also, I am very partial to the name Isaac and I think Isaac and Juniper sound great together.

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