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    Quote Originally Posted by justskinandbone View Post
    Writing this out I just realized Ophelia has teasing potential with your last name. Something to consider.
    lol, that took me a second to get!

    Ottilie Violet is simply lovely and sounds great with your surname! But it is rather unusual.
    Jemima Lily also sounds good with your last name.
    Lyra is just gorgeous, and would be my pick.
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    I laughed at the Ophelia comment! Definitely wouldn't want to go with that... ha.
    My favorite from your list is Ottilie Violet. I love both names, it's really unusual and adds a lot to a pretty common surname. I don't love the other combos, but my next pick for you would be Jemima Lily. I also love both Harriet and Blythe... how about:

    Harriet Lily
    Harriet Florence
    Harriet Isobel
    Harriet Luella
    Harriet Maxine
    Harriet Virginia
    Harriet Lena
    Harriet Elsa

    Blythe Ottilie
    Blythe Louisa
    Blythe Winifred
    Blythe Estella
    Blythe Lucille
    Blythe Violet
    Blythe Susannah

    I also like a lot of the middle names I suggested as first names for you...

    Louisa Blythe
    Florence Lily
    Elsa Winifred

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    Thank you so much for your replies. The more I think about it the more Ottilie Violet could be the one. My husband isn't completely sold on Ottilie but I'm sure it will grow on him. I do want something slightly unusual, especially because our surname is so popular.

    Vaness1 thanks for your suggestions, I really like Harriet Lily and Elsa Winifred. I like Florence too but it's so popular now I wouldn't be surprised if it appeared in the top 10 next year. Louisa is nice and not a name I'd considered before.

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    Ottilie Violet would be my pick for you! It is divine and stood out to me immediately. I'd love to meet a little Ottilie. Shame about Mable though, you tried Maple, Ottilie Maple has a ring to it. I also like Winnifred but don't think it goes with this combination.

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    Ottilie Violet- The two names compliment each other beautifully. Classic, sweet, understated beauty.
    Lyra Winifred/Winifred Lyra- pretty and spunky. I like Winifred Lyra better
    Ophelia Violet- glamorous, mysterious, weighty but not fully grounded
    Lisbeth Janie- cute but too nicknamey for me. Lisbeth Jane or Lisbeth Janne (YAH-nuh) for a European feel maybe?
    Jemima Lily- a sweet, lovely combination of vintage-chic and cute
    Harriet- too heavy and solid for me, sorry
    Blythe- not a fan, but cute and wearable
    Estella- pretty and old-fashioned, I think of the character in Great Expectations.
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