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    Feeling overwhelmed, feedback on names and combos much appreciated

    Prior to becoming pregnant I was name obsessed and was so, so excited about the prospect of choosing a name. Now that it's real I feel completely overwhelmed and like we will never find the perfect name. It doesn't help that we are not finding out the sex so we need a great short list of names (2-3) for each. I'm only 21 weeks so plenty of time in theory but I know it's going to fly by and I will feel so much happier once we have a shortlist of a few names that we love.

    Our surname is single syllable, beginning with W (not a surname you'd want to pair with Holly ). This is our list so far, I would love feedback on the names and combos as well as any suggestions of names you think I've missed:

    Ottilie Violet
    Lyra Winifred
    Winifred Lyra
    Ophelia Violet
    Lisbeth Janie
    Jemima Lily
    Harriet ?
    Blythe ?
    Estella ?

    I also love Agatha, Emmeline and Mabel but my husband doesn't Janie, Lily and Winifred are all family names but we don't have to use them, only if they work with the rest of our choices. Generally we don't like very modern names, regular names with unusual spellings and want to avoid anything top 20 (in the UK)

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    Ophelia is my favorite from your list but I don't looove it paired with Violet.

    Ophelia Lily
    Ophelia Blythe
    Ophelia Estelle

    Writing this out I just realized Ophelia has teasing potential with your last name. Something to consider.

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    Oh my goodness I hadn't considered that but you're absolutely right, Ophelia is definitely out Thank you for pointing that out!

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    It's a shame because its such a lovely name!

    My second favorite from your list would be Winifred.

    Winifred Janie
    Winifred Estelle (this one is my favorite)
    Winifred Blythe

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    Ottilie Violet . feminine, classy and pretty
    Lyra Winifred - dislike Winifred
    Winifred Lyra . see above
    Ophelia Violet - such a pretty combo, but prefer Ottilie
    Lisbeth Janie - dislike Janie
    Jemima Lily - OK, but bad association are too much for me.
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