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    I think it would work nicely, especially if it holds meaning for you and you love it!
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    Diana is such a beautiful name, i love it. Lórien is very interesting, but balances Diana well, and i think its a lovely combination.
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    I love Diana--its been needing restoration! My mom's name is Dianne so names like that are very sentimental to me. Lórien is really cool; I think its awesome you're incorporating a reference to literature you love. How do you pronounce it? I always thought Elven names were really cool, so its neat that Lórien comes from its own language, even if its made up. Its whimsical and fairytale-like, and what little girl won't love that? Its also really wearable as an adult; exotic. Maybe she'll grow up imagining herself as a heroine in that world?
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    'any possibility for complications?' MOST DEFINITELY.

    yes since its a middle name it shouldnt come up much, but still just use the o.

    there is no need to use the accent and cause any problems (even if its just a few forms) because now that you know there will be complications you are effectively doing it on purpose when you have the opportunity to prevent these problems before they happen.

    pretty sure Tolkien would agree, since your child is not a fictional character.
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    A delightful choice! I think this combi is strong, feminine, pretty and classic all in one.

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