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    I generally don't like names that are--or sound like--nicknames, but I adore Kiri and Sosie.

    For boys, I tend not to rock the boat, but I like Kane. A K-spelling of a controversial Biblical figure? So not my style! But I love it.
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    I consider my style to be Victorian, Georgian, a bit Edwardian, with literary undertones (which sounds very pretentious.) I tend to HATE boys names on girls, or surnames as first names. But after watching an episode of Chopped with a female chef named Finnegan. I would never use it, but I liked it.

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    I think my style is offbeat vintage. My boys list is under constant reconstruction, but my definite girls are: Imogen, Florence, Clementine, and Rosamund.

    But oh how I adore the name Artemis for a girl!
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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    Oh my, my style is pretty formal, slightly anglophile, and maybe even bordering on pretentious--I've been told I'm a hipster namer, though I most definitely don't *feel* like a hipster. My daughter is Clementine and my son is Gilbert. Our next one will be Beatrice if a girl and Leonard if a boy. But recently I've been interested in a few girls' names that might go full boar hipster: Boheme, Wisteria, and Plum. I also just ran across Ximena, which I find so very appealing, but it's a little exotic for us, I think.

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    Violetta : ) With the right pronunciation for this spelling too; (vee-oh-let-uh). But, alas, my sister loves the name Violet and it doesn't fit my criteria for "acceptable" (which is: nothing in FN spot that is completely and recognizably exotic or ethnic, even if I went over-board with Mercedes). Que sera sera : )
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