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    I like classic names like Kathryn/Kathleen, Jonathon, Nathaniel, Christopher, Benjamin, Joseph, James, William, etc. but I LOVE the name Percy.

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    I like to think of my style as "plucky librarian detective" - Simon, Roscoe, Iris, Jane. That said, I absolutely love the name Atlas. I'm also partial to the wildly discordant Sailor.
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    My style tends to lean towards more popular vintage names for girls like Charlotte, Eliza, Cora, Alice. I adore the name Georgiana but I don't think it works with any of my other favorites. Its very elaborate and frilly while the others are a lot more common and simple.
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    I love Dana and it in no way fits my name style. I also don't think any name can be unisex and it is thoroughly established as a girl's name, but I love Willow on a boy.
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    Draco. I adore the the name but there is no way I would ever use it though.
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