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    Aw...I'm sorry this thread is making people feel bad! The whole point (the way I took it, anyway) is to list names we think are perfectly legitimate, and yet dislike them for reasons even we don't understand...I mean, it is titled "names you hate for NO reason". If any of you have/used/love any of the names I listed, I'm totally not judging you or anything. They're real, fine, perfectly acceptable names...I just don't like them. Don't ask me why. That's the whole point...I don't know.
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    I hope I'm not offending anyone...for boys I really can't stand the name Jayden, and sadly, it's in the top 10 names right now.
    I despise boys' names on girls. Logan, Remi (it's spelled with a Y, darn it, and it's for boys), Emerson, Auden (makes me think Audi), Arden, all of you. I'm looking your way.

    Anna really bothers me, too. I guess it's that nasally A in the beginning. Most of the names I dislike because of association, but this one, I don't know. I love Annika, so I'm very fickle.

    Bridger; it's a surname, whatever. But it sounds like it should be one "someone who bridges", but of course someone can't "bridge" anything, so it sounds, at least, like bad grammar.

    And then, in my opinion, the most annoying name ever: Everly. Ever is a word, usually referencing time ("when are you ever going to stop giving children horrid names?"). Ever is also a noun. Thus it cannot be magically transformed into an adverb, like pretty much all -ly verbs are (abhorrently, terribly, badly, etc.). You can't "ever" something. I can't walk down the street "everly." It's not a word. Why name your children bad grammar? Why? You wouldn't name your kid Hopely or Faithly, would you? It's the same damn thing. Ugh.
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    Stella. It just irritates me; I don't know why. And Teagan. It seems to be everywhere where I live.
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    Grace - I know I should like it, it's completely inoffensive, but I don't. I wouldn't say I hate it, but I dislike it for no reason!
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    Any name that has a random letter thrown in there where it shouldn't be (via the parent's decision), such as my friend naming her girl Elyza instead of Eliza. It taints a name with history, unless you chose a re-spelling for a very specific reason (there ARE legitimate reasons).

    Alyssa makes me want to punch a wall, as do most "issa" sounding names. It is the fussiest, most school-bully sounding name, and for me it will always invoke the utmost rage.

    Nevaeh, I have to mention. It is definitely not a name I hate "for no reason", but it is so rage-inducing that it cannot be ignored. This is the one name that I can't excuse, regardless of naming style. And it is very simple why: The sentence I hear all the time is "isn't Nevaeh beautiful? It is heaven spelled backwards." *sigh* First of all, yes, it is spelled BACKWARDS. It isn't uncommon for satanic rituals to reverse phrases and words to corrupt the original meaning. By this token, Nevaeh would be a way of saying that your child was the OPPOSITE of heaven. And, you have essentially given your child a Satanic-ritual approved name when you originally wanted to capture the idea of heaven. Here's a thought: name your kid Heaven! That name royally sucks too, but it won't be quite as embarrassing! /end rant

    Other names:

    The "ayden" sounding names that sound way too forced: Kayden, Jayden, Braden. Ew.

    And sadly, there are some Nameberry faves that just never sat well with me when I passed them in the forums:

    - Breccan (sounds like Australian slang)
    - Lorcan or Larkin (I like Larkin slightly better, but it feels like it had an unnecessary syllable tacked onto the end, and Lorcan sounds too much like an alien species. The Lorcans are invading, raise your shields!)
    -Willa. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this name. Objectively it is a very good name. I just dislike it.
    -Tristan (sounds way too feminine to me)

    Okay, there are too many. Maybe I will stop now.

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