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    If I met a little girl named Loki I would find it unintentionally hilarious and assume her parents were woefully ignorant of Norse mythology. While Loki had some gender-bending attributes, he is most consistently a male god. Would you name your son Freya?
    Yep, exactly this.

    This whole "names on the wrong gender" thing is getting ridiculous now, and it's only going one way, it's a double standard.

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    I can't roll with Loki being used on children, let alone a girl. It's mainly because the Marvel version is so popular now---he's a supervillain, and you would not name your child "the Joker". Loki also does a lot of awful things in the myths (but I'm not as familiar with Norse mythology as I am with Greek). Loki is a fun, interesting character, but he is not a great namesake and his name is male, despite the whole turning into a milkmaid thing.

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    I think it could be a super cute nn. (For something like Lorena Katherine).
    But as a FN I think you are either inviting trouble (by naming your child after
    the - very male - god of mischief) or just too lazy to research the name fully.
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    Its not that I havent researched the name. I know exactly what it means and that it is intentionally a male name. To me Loki itself (history and mythology aside) always sounded more feminine and innocent when not associated with anything else. I was curious if anyone else thought of it this way. Good to know the majority thoughts though! haha Thank god for nameberry community! =)

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