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    As a nanny/babysitter, I've been asked to provide a copy of my driver's license to a family before, and don't find it strange...they're trusting you with their child's safety.
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    As a former sitter, no one has ever asked me for a copy of my dl. As a new-ish mom, I can understand wanting a current photo on file in case of an emergency. Yes, I am that psycho, blame it on all of the 48 Hour Mystery type TV shows! I have yet to leave my daughter with a sitter besides my own sister & the grandparents. I am waiting until she is able to communicate with me so I can be certain she is comfortable, ect. Once that time comes I have a teenage neighbor who already mentioned her interest. I wouldn't ask for her info as her family is 2 doors down!

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    I would not expect a copy of those kinds of documents from my nanny. Those are very sensitive types of documentation and I'm nervous enough keeping our own passports in the house without keeping a copy of someone else's safe too!

    I would ask to see a copy of a passport upon hiring her but I would not ask for a copy. I would instead ensure I had up to date and verified contact details, such as date of birth, address, contact number, amongst other things.

    I think asking for a copy of such a sensitive document is just too much. I certainly wouldn't give a copy of my own to an employer. Who knows where it could end up?!

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    I wouldn't want to give mine to anyone. I babysat a lot in my teens and early twenties but nobody asked for anything like that. Also beyond just the "are they trying to steal my identity" concerns I would worry that it's a red flag that the parents aren't ever going to really trust you.
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    I can understand if they want to see it, but keep it? No way. You should never give out a copy of your driver's license, just like you wouldn't give out your social security number. You don't know what will happen to your personal information after you give it away. Of course a parent wants to be careful, but if they have your resume, a background and driving record check, and reference letters, that should be enough. Are you licensed with the state? The state requires your ID in order to get licensed, so that could provide peace of mind to parents.

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