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    Copy of your babysitter's driver's license?

    Thought I could get the opinions of some mother's, and see it from a different perspective,
    Here it is:
    I am a babysitter/nanny...have been working with children for 14 years. That being said I have worked regularly with over 20 different families for date night babysitting, and had 3 full time nanny jobs.
    I have recently been employed for a weekly babysitting job, and the parents are requesting a copy of my driver's license, to keep. This is bizarre to me, in all my experience, I have never had this occur.
    The family, already have a copy of my resume, background check, driving record check, and 5 reference letters and contacts.
    Is it something that happens often? Would you ask to have a copy of your babysitter's driver's license?
    This seems strange to me.
    Thoughts? Opinions?

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    Well, I don't have any experience of this (as either a parent or a babysitter), but I think it's odd they would need a copy of your driver's licence. Surely just sighting the licence would be enough if you're going to be driving their child around?
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    I find it strange but do understand why they want it (security if you happen to be a crazy person who kidnaps their child etc.). I'm not sure I would feel comfortable providing it to them however. I would think sighting it should be enough.
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    If I didn't know and completely trusted the babysitter I would. What if something happens to the child (like Jazz said)? I'd want to have a way to find the person watching my child immediately. If/when I hire a nanny/au pair I will want a photocopy of her passport or driver's license.
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    I'm a nanny and I was asked for a copy of my passport, which I didn't find too strange. Granted, they only had my resume, none of the other stuff you listed. I was completely unknown to the family, and while the mother had stayed at home with me and the child for the first few days, I could have been anyone with any kind of intentions who put a false name on the resume, you know? I think it's only natural for a parent to want some form of ID. I hadn't run into that in my previous babysitting positions, but those were for families I already knew (teacher's kids, coworker's kids, neighbor's kids, etc). I think I'll probably ask for a copy of some form of ID when I need a babysitter for kids as well. Better safe than sorry.

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