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Thread: Evangeline?

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    Evangeline is such a pretty name and it has a great positive meaning. But I love both names, you can't go wrong either way.
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    Our oldest daughter's name is Evangeline Sophia with a 3 syllable last name and she goes by Eva. I can tell you that I have never, not even once had anyone online or in person assume anything about our religion because of her name. The worst thing that ever happens is occasionally an older person will call her Ava. She loves her name and I like that she can either go more formal with Evangeline or less formal with Eva or any other nickname that goes with Evangeline. I picked her name after watching Nanny McFee. The kitchen made that ends up with the dad at the end is named that. She is a wonderful character. I considered it a bonus that they used the name for the star in The Princess and the Frog. Ma Belle Evangeline is a beautiful song to have associated with your name.
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    If I had a 4th girl I like the nn Effie and the name I like right now to get to that nn would be Everleigh Fiona. I love coming up w/ a nn and then building the full name around it. I never intended and E theme, it just happened but now I love it!!

    I have absolutely no idea what we would name a boy.

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    Evangeline is one of my front runners too (along with Octavia and Vivienne). We are not religious, that aspect has not played into my decision. There is Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie, a poem by Longfellow. Also the song Evangeline by the singer Matthew Sweet, which my husband and I used listen to almost 20 years ago. I love the nn possibilities, like Elle and Vivi. Also, that is rhymes with jellybean! One problem I've encountered is that when I say the name to people they also ask me to repeat what I said or say "Angeline"? Not sure if I want to deal with that? But, I do love the name. Good luck

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    Evangeline is a gorgeous classic. I adore this name so much unfortunately it's my sister's favourite name therefore I cannot use it. Evangline is so angelic in sound, has this vibrant delicacy and looks poetic. I also love the range of nicknames such as Eva, Eve, Evie, Angie, Angel, and Lin. I adore the whole vibe!! I also love Charlotte she's very wholesome, pretty, and sweet. I love the Lottie nickname as well. But in my head Evangeline is prettier.

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    Evangeline is gorgeous. It's elegant, feminine, and vibrant. I definitely prefer it over Charlotte.

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