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Thread: Evangeline?

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    Aug 2013
    Don't like Evangeline? I think it's pretty if a bit long. We are Catholic but the meaning I read means good news. Although I can see the link with evangelical which is not intended.

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    Jul 2013
    I like the name Evangeline.
    I do agree with the post that it kinda implies that the family is religious... but that isn't a bad thing and I don't think it means you're a devout Christian or anything.
    I like it and I like that it is long with lots of nickname options
    eg Eva, Vana, Gene, Gina, Lina, Lena.

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    I think Evangeline is a pretty sound. It sounds more magical to me than Charlotte.

    I wouldn't assume an Evangeline's parents were evangelical specifically (because I kind of hear a French Catholic thing going on, though one might blame Disney's Frog Princess for that, with the Cajun dragonfly in love with his Evangeline...) but I'd think some kind of Christian of some denomination, and I wouldn't actually use it myself because I'm Jewish and I'd feel funny.

    It's a beautiful poetic sound though.

    Charlotte's not awful or anything, it's quite the revived classic, but it's VERY popular and a bit... I don't know, over-exposed? I prefer Caroline, Catherine, Cecilia, or Celestine to Charlotte.

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    I love both Evangeline and Charlotte.
    If you have a short last name, Evangeline Charlotte could even work.
    Or Charlotte Evangeline even. The nn's Charlie and Eva are so super cute.
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    We have a 4 syllable last name so not super short.

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