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    Alice or Violet?

    I'm debating on Alice or Violet at the moment. I also really like Eloise, but I'm not sure if it sounds the best with my other two kids: Ava and Asher.

    I love classic, vintage names. I've never met an Alice, Violet, or Eloise in my area, so all seem fresh. I want one that fits well with my other kids's names, but is a great stand alone as well.

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    Alice is my favorite of the three. I would only worry that you might be setting yourself up for an "A" theme if you go with this name. This might not bother you at all - I just wanted to point it out in case it would. I think Violet and Eloise both sound good with Ava and Asher. Between the two, I like Violet a little better but they are both lovely.

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    This is definitely my last child. I've wondered if it sounds too cheesy to have all 3 start with an A. I really love A names though, and it seems that's what I'm drawn to!

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    Alice is my favorite by far.
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    I really like both, but I think Alice goes the best. It sticks to the A theme that you have going (intentional or not) but each child has their own sound.

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