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    Suggestions for Boys Names

    Hey there, we have twin girls Hazel and Olive and we would like to have another, we have lots of girls names still. We are just fishing for some fresh ideas and helpful thoughts. We like Felix, Otto, and Hugo in the past but we are open to something different.
    Last name is Sommer.

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    Hazel, Olive and Vincent Sommer
    Hazel, Olive and Ralph Sommer
    Hazel, Olive and Percy Sommer
    Hazel, Olive and Arlo Sommer
    Hazel, Olive and Victor Sommer
    Felix is nice. I like Kids to have their own initial so Otto and Hugo would be out for me personally.
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    Love your twins names!
    Hugo is also on my list (along with Olive), so you may like some of my other favourites:
    Hazel, Olive and Arthur
    Hazel, Olive and Caspar
    Hazel, Olive and Maxwell
    Hazel, Olive and Rufus *
    Hazel, Olive and Silas
    Hazel, Olive and Simon
    Hazel, Olive and Tobias
    Hazel, Olive and Edwin *
    Hazel, Olive and Walter
    Hazel, Olive and Clifford
    Hazel, Olive and Luther
    Hazel, Olive and Foster *
    (starred my personal favourites with your daughters names)
    I really love Felix from your list. I love Otto and Hugo, but prefer different initials.

    Good luck!
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