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    I think my mum and I are sort of on par, my dad not so much. My dad doesn't tend to think about names but I have managed to wrangle out of him that he likes Susie and Will (part of the reason why I like Susanna). He makes faces when I mention something slightly out there e.g Cora.

    As for my mum, she has sort of an eclectic taste like I do. I cannot exactly pinpoint what kind of naming style she has since its all over the place but she does prefer classic and unusual Irish names in general. A few names I've heard her say that she likes: Phryne, Morag, Orla, Felicity, Hazel, Eleanor, Alice etc

    I guess I have my mum's backing if I ever pick something unusual for my child. A nice bonus, I think.
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    Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope!

    My style is very vintage, while their style is more along the lines of anything goes. They made up my sisters name and gave her a family middle, my brother was given two family names, and mine was based on things my Mom liked. They seemed to think of names on a whim and went with it (and it worked for them!) But I put a lot of thought into the names.
    My style is also very different from my Grandma's. She went with names that were very popular in the 1950's and 1960's.

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    Oh my gosh. Every once in a while my mom and I will sit down and talk about names we like. She has not once liked a name I do. The more I like it, the less she does. Sometimes I say a name I think is awful as a joke and she'll like it! When it comes to names, my mom and I will never agree. Total opposites.
    My dad really doesn't have an opinion on names. He wanted to name me Brooklyn, because he's from New York, but that's the extent of his involvement in names. (My name's not Brooklyn, btw)

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    My mom is extremely British, and her taste in names reflects that. She loves Jemima, Sadie, Jane, Rose, and Elizabeth for girls and John and Benjamin for boys. My father likes dated 80s feminizations like Stephanie; he's also obsessed with the name Laura, but since his sister named her eldest daughter this he couldn't use it himself. As a result my sister's middle name is Laur (seriously?!) and our baby half-sister's first name is Lauren. Needless to say, my tastes align much more closely with my mother's than my father's.

    Interestingly enough, there was some controversy in my mother's family when my aunt named her daughter Imogen, a name associated with the British upper class. Aside from my aunt and her husband, my mother's siblings are varying degrees of socialist, and their sister using a name with connotations of inherited wealth and privilege was perceived as bourgeois, bordering on traitorous.
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    My parents were very much into selecting names that were popular at the time (4 kids all with names in the top 10 for years we were born). They also stuck to using family names for middle names. Their other criteria was that they be good Catholic names ( saints names).

    For me, I didn't particularly care about popularity (one way or another) and certainly didn't worry about using saints names. I did want to use family names for middle names (particularly my grandfathers name because I was very close to him). I had two criteria for selecting names. With a long, 5 syllable, difficult to pronounce last name, I wanted short first names that flowed well with the last name. I also wanted to avoid any names that had a natural nickname ending in -ee sound because I found that very juvenile and sometimes difficult to change (I didn't want my son to be saddled with Joey or Timmy or a daughter to be saddled with Susie or Chrissie.)
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