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    Do you have the same naming style as your parents?

    The title pretty much explains it all. I'm just wondering how much our parents' naming style influences us.

    My parents have a very traditional/Biblical naming style, classic names that I think are nice but that I probably would never use because of how common they are. I'd classify their style as strictly Classic Conservative, while mine is more Classic Eccentric; not too different, but far enough apart to have differing opinions on a good number of names. All of my biological siblings and I also have family names as middle names, which I think is a nice tradition, but one that I would have no qualms breaking if I found a combo I liked better.

    What about everyone else? Do you think your naming style is a result of, or affected by, your parents' in any way?
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    My naming style is the complete opposite of my parents. I actually thing my taste in names might be a reaction to my Mom's style. She is one of those people who tends to "follow the crowd" at least when it comes to naming. She got my name from her best friend who named her daughter that. My sister's name is a very juvenile, trendy name as is her favorite name right now (Jayden). She thinks names like James and Thomas are boring and names like Matilda and Charlotte are ugly. I find it strange we have such different tastes in names because we are so alike in many ways. She is also in her 50's and is just not the type of person one would usually peg for a "trendy" namer. I think I find her taste so boring and safe that it draws me toward more classic and unusual names that I know she wouldn't like.

    As far as I can tell my father likes more unusual names but in a different sense. He likes nature names and more masculine names on girls. Still not my style but maybe I get some of my name-nerdiness from him.
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    Well I honestly can't narrow down my parents' naming styles because there was so much drama over all of our names (in most cases, dad would act like he didn't care, then mom would name us, then he would throw up an argument at our births and the names would change, or he would change them himself). My mom seems to like names that she thinks are pretty (like Amanda) or names that she heard used elsewhere (ex: my name came from an actress in my mom's favorite show growing up, and my younger sister got her name when mom heard someone calling their daughter it in public one day). Coincidentally, all of us girls, our names end in an "A", and have many "A"'s in them, so I guess you could say they are girly? Idk.. My dad is another story, and I don't know or care.

    My mom has kind of inspired my naming styles somewhat.. I love names that start with or have "A" in them. Like my mom, I go for names that are distinctly male or female. That's kind of where the similarities end though. I love seldom-used names, especially when it comes to biblical ones! For instance: Lydia, Tobias, Ezra, Seraphina, Silas and Hazel, Milo, Walter (as a mn only). My mom doesn't get it...and she doesn't like those names either. She also doesn't get my love for names from our family history but ah well

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    Based on my first name, possibly. Based on my two sisters and my middle names, no.

    My maternal eldest and second youngest uncle choose my two older sister names. Not my style.

    I was told that my grandmother choose my first name, but it was mostly because my mom did want to use it for one of the other girls.

    From what I could tell, my name could have been, Jonnell (Mashup of my dad's and grandmothers name), so no. My mom spelled "butchered?" my middle name as the same as the Spanish milk, but with accents over the 'e''s. Also said differently. lol

    Later she told me that if she knew that she was going to have three girls, she would have named us: Faith, Hope, and Charity. So super NOPE.

    However, majority of the names I like, so does she.

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    Not at all!
    My parents had very traditional boys' names chosen (Michael, Christopher, Allen, Andrew) - but never got to use them.

    My sisters and I all have very uncommon first names, 3 syllables, ending in -a. Mine has gained popularity more recently, but it wasn't really on the radar in 1984 and neither of my sisters' names have ever been in the top 1000.
    We have very standard "filler" middle names though (Jayne, Leigh and Marie). My parents' reasoning being that if we ever got tired of our unusual first names, at least our middle names were easy (though all 3 have multiple accepted spellings!)

    My naming style is more "familiar but not too popular" first names with "family/traditional" middle names. My husband is adamant that a middle name should not take away from a first name (which I don't totally agree with, but he's pretty stubborn).

    I think my parents like my son's name, but I don't think they would have chosen it - but they were naming kids in the 80's and things were different then.

    My overall philosophy is probably similar - I allow myself more creativity with girls' names than boys' names, but where they were polarised depending on gender, I am probably more in the middle (if that makes sense?)

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