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    My parents have such a different naming style from me.
    My Mom Loves classic boys names and feminizations for girls.
    My dad well i'm not sure about him.
    I like literature names like Guinevere, Percival, and Peregrin.
    then again i'm only twelve so my tastes may change.
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    My parents like classic, traditional, family names. They both have more uncommon names, and I don't think either of them is particularly fond of their own name (or each other's, which is sad...their names aren't bad at all!), so they played it pretty safe naming my siblings and I (with the exception of the spelling of my name. That was my dad's idea. He insists -rine would be pronounced with a long I, so he had to change the spelling to achieve the correct pronunciation...except for the fact that Y can make a long I sound, too, so...yeah). Anyway, it is important to my husband and I to give a nod to tradition and family when naming our children, but we also like to put a spin on it. We generally like names that are a bit uncommon, but not unheard of.
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    My parents and I have very very similar naming styles.
    My parents like "vintage" names that have a lot of character.
    My brother and sister were named by my mom, who loved looking for interesting family names that were familiar to everyone but not popular at the time. They are Charles and Alice.
    My dad named me, and while he likes vintage names as well, his style would be more accurately described as "timeless". He would pick a common name, like Sarah, over a vintage gem because it invokes a positive image. I love my name, because my dad thought that Sarah was the friendliest and kindest name for a girl. How sweet is that?

    I tend to have a mix of both my parents styles. I like timeless vintage names with lots of character. And while I swoon over unusual names, if I ever had a child I am more likely to stick with the long time loves like Harriet or Olive.
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    My parents had very different naming tastes from one another. My Dad liked unusual names that were almost unheard of when I grew up, like Alpha and Storm. Whereas my Mum liked the names Chelsea, Melissa and Amber for girls, and Connor or Callum for my brother. My grandmother however stepped in and they ended up naming us Tara and Ryan.

    My own style consists of more my father's style in naming preferring the names like Clover, Edmund, Luna, Alvis and Amabel as just a few examples. I like names that are not too common but are heard of, I grew up as one of 3 Tara's (we were all friends) I guess my style is a compromise of my parent's style, with some relation to an Anglo-Celtic origin.

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    I tend to notice that people want to do things the opposite of their parents unless their parents are super avangarde, in which case they tend to find their own style. My mom's name style is very erratic and my dad's style is very nameberry-like-meaning he gets obsessive about name meanings, associations, and nicknames until he loses sight of what the intended purpose of naming someone is. My own naming style is methodical and perfectionist. I care first and foremost that 1. the name will in no way hold my child back in life, cause teasing, or create problems, 2. Be versatile so they can find a nickname if they want to. 3. Sound good 4. Be unique without sounding contrived or misspelled.

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