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    Gwenyth nn Gwen or Wendy--personally, I don't associate either of the names (Gwenyth or Willow) with the celebrity. Well, Gwenyth maybe just a little bit, but it's just a rich name that it will far outlast the celebrity. I think it's a good combination of prettiness, history, and strength.

    Scarlett nn Lettie--this is a bold choice; just make sure that you are both 100% behind it if that's what you end up going for!

    Amaryllis nn Rilla--this and the next one are my favorites for you. Mostly because I really love the NN Rilla (yes because of the book!!). I'm not personally a fan of the name Amaryllis, but I do think it is suiting for YOUR child (your love of flower names, beauty/strength combo, etc.). Plus, RILLA.

    Magdalene nn Dagny, Maggie, Meg, Magda or Lena--My other favorite. This is high on my own girls list! Love it for so many reasons...the Biblical person, the meaning ("high tower"), the blend of uniqueness and familiarity, an old name that feels refreshing, great NN options (Meg is my first choice but they are all nice except for Maggie, which is what she'll probably end up being called!)

    Daisy--It is very cutesy indeed. I know cutesy names are going to be much more common on adults as all the Haylees and Kaycees of the world grow up, but it's something to be aware of. If I remember correctly, this seems to be in the middle of both of your lists? So I would say, unless it's rising steadily, let it go. I agree, however, that the Margaret variations aren't a good substitute for Daisy unless there is a strong personal reason for naming after the flower.

    Wendy--Growing on me too =)

    Willow--To me, this is just name that "nice." It's romantic without being too "out there." There's nothing wrong with it, but I think you want a bit more snap. Maybe your husband doesn't want quite so much snap as, say, Amaryllis? (I find men tend on the safe side when it comes to names)

    Violet, also possible nn Lettie--I've never been a fan of this name; too old-lady-ish/trying to hard to be romantic.

    Rose--Rose is actually pretty unique as a first name (it's my sister's FN, and I don't think I've ever met another just-Rose first names. I think putting it in that first spot takes away a bit of that "filler" status that it holds in the middle spot. But yes, Dr. Who fans will have a hard time seeing past the reference (I'm not even a Dr. Who fan, but I just know how much characters of my favorite shows/books/etc. influence how I see a name; see, for example, Rilla!)


    And I just wanted to say, I don't know what happened to Shenandoah, but I love the meaning it has to you and your husband, and I fully support it =)
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    I think Gwenyth is wonderful, and you've both got it at the top (or almost top) of your lists! How amazing is that? I know I'm excited. I've been cooking meals from Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbooks exclusively over the past few days, and every time I've been thinking of you. Let me tell you, that woman can cook! I'd be thrilled to know there was a little Gwenyth hanging around. And I also think the name is rather fabulous with brothers and sister. A versatile and fun little faery army. Making combos is, for me at least, a good way to figure out which names I really want to use. I've already mentally crossed off (or nearly so) one of the names on my list because it didn't go the way I wanted. Good luck, sweetpea!
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    I am with Otter in the Gwyneth camp. The name is wonderful and, let me say, they more I read about G. Paltrow, the more I get sure she is not awful but amazing. And I am still promoting Wendy for Gwendolen/Gwyneth nickname and Daisy for Magdalene!

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    Top four:


    Amaryliss has such a treasure trove of nn's! Think about it:
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