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    I'm not sure if anyone suggested this name but what about Waylynn for a girl?

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    Love your favorites list! Ameryllis nn Rilla is awesome! Daisy seems like it would be a good compromise name, but it seems like your husband is coming around to Gwyneth which would be even better! So I think Gwyneth is my current favorite for you
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    Daisy Quinn... Love love love!
    Scarlett could be nn to Carlee
    Or Charlotte nn Charlee
    Scarlett Skye ?

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    I'm sure that this has been suggested already, but WDYT of Josefine(a) nn Fia?
    Josefine Gwenyth
    Josefine Wendy
    Josefine Willow
    Josefine Peggy Quinn
    Josefine Livny
    Josefine Dulcinea
    There's also the magnificent character Jo from Little Women for Mr. Sarah
    Can't wait to hear your update!

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    Here I am skimming for the latest news again! Yay for your "crock-pot" list. Gwenyth has been one of my favorites for you right along; if "Mr. Sarah" falls in love with it, I think you're good to go!

    Aw, "Rilla of Ingleside" was your favorite too? I've never heard anyone else say that; I don't know if many readers make it to the end of the series. But that story is so good. You know what's funny? In the book, Rilla wants to go by her first name, Bertha, which she thinks is "beautiful and dignified," instead of "that silly Rilla." Methinks tastes have changed.

    Demi and Daisy were nicknames--they were really John and Margaret. I'd be ill if Demi and Daisy were their real names, but as twin nicknames I think they're kinda cute.

    Just wanted to drop in and wish you the best again!
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