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    Have you considered Holly? It gives me some of the same feeling as Willow, but where Willow's hippie, Holly's avant garde.

    I really like Dagny as a nickname for Magdalene, it's lovely. I don't like Star for Scarlett though, I'd think Starlet.

    (I think many people are jealous of Gwyneth Paltrow, I think that's why there's so many nasty things said about her. She's beautiful, healthy, a great actress, a great cook and writer, she can sing, she's married to mr. Coldplay - I think some people feel that's too much for one person! There was a lot of newspaper articles a few years ago about how she made her children sanitize their hands before they entered their home, but to me that's only good sense. London's dirty, I do it myself!)
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    I agree with pretty everything that Otter have said about Gwyneth Paltrow.(By the way, I wouldn't mind being married to Chris too ). She is a nice namesake and Gwyneth is a gorgeous name, so don't worry about it. You can also do a bit of stretch and use Wendy as a nn for Gwyneth.

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    Holly Louise * Anne Louise nn Annie * Margo/Margot Louise * Alyssa Louise

    Expecting DD#2 May 2015! Name must honor Dana Louise (MIL). Honoring Holly or Mary would be a bonus!

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    You don't like Gwen Stefani? *mournful sigh* She is one of my favorite ladies ever and she even makes me love all Gwen names more. She is so beautiful and youthful and No Doubt is a great band, I love their music..
    And I was just going to suggest Zelia when I read your last post. It's worth consideration for sure, such a pretty name, probably one of my favorites. I hope your hubby will like it!

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